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[Review] Second Glance - Jodi Picoult

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In SECOND GLANCE, ghost hunter Ross Wakeman just wants to get in contact with his dead wife Aimee, but then stumbles accidently into a complicated family feud in a small town in Vermont.
Difficult to get into - but once you're in, you can't put it down!

Picoult introduces basically all characters after another completely randomly. It's not until the end of the book that you're actually able to make the connection between the actions in the beginning and that's why I had tremendous problems to get the novel started.

While I do love that Picoult obviously took her time to create diverse and non-clich├ęd characters, they are just too many. There are at least ten main characters, another ten side characters and also about five random people that make an appearance once or twice. But once you get into the story, have understood who is who and memorized the backstories, it is impossible to stop.
I finished it in roughly three or four hours of reading, and that is mainly due to her writing style. 

Each of the main characters has a back story that connects to the plot, has also a family history, and at some point will meet the other characters. My head hurts! I had to go back a few pages sometimes because I forgot the names. She often even only mentions the characters by their last names, especially when somebody else is talking about them. You can't risk not paying attention for a single second up until the middle of the novel, because you're probably going to miss something. I also had difficulties with the shifts in point of view.


Picoult is able to make the flashbacks fit perfectly into the present happenings and I think I rarely saw an author pull flashbacks off this well. Kudos.
The main storyline is a bit thin if you think about it and I am actually quite angry that I was mislead into thinking that this is a horror/ghost story novel. Well, there's certainly ghosts in it but it is by no means scary. It's a family drama. Bit of a thriller, but not so much either.

A thing that bothered me and maybe correlates to the fact that there are so many characters is that you could basically leave out the last hundred pages before the finale. Picoult tries to wrap up all the characters' storylines by making every. single. character. react to the resolutions of the plot. Essentially I enjoyed this and think it was pretty impressive craft-wise, storytelling-wise, but there are a couple of issues.



"Do we love across time? Or in spite of it? A developer has slated an ancient Abenaki Indian burial ground for a strip mall, and now strange happenings have the inhabitants of tiny Comtosook, Vermont, talking of supernatural forces at work. Ross Wakeman is a ghost hunter who's never seen a ghost -- all he's searching for is something to end the pain of losing his fiancee, Aimee, in a car accident. He tried suicide -- any number of times. Now Ross lives only for a way to connect with Aimee from beyond. Searching the site for signs of the paranormal, Ross meets the mysterious Lia, who sparks him to life for the first time in years. But the discoveries that await Ross are beyond anything he could dream of in this world -- or the next."
(Source: Goodreads)

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