Friday, February 19, 2016

7 Reasons Why I Love Chick-Lit

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Chick Lit is and always has been one of my go-to genres.

For this week's Feature Follow Friday, I'm giving you a list of reasons why I love it:

1) It can lift me off any bad mood! 
Chick-lit is usually funny and upbeat, and you can't be angry or sad when you read a gem like I'VE GOT YOUR NUMBER

2) It's the #1 reading slump cure
It's honestly the one genre that's so easy, so light to read that no matter whether I'm sad that a series is over or just not feeling like reading, it always works.

3) You can reread chick lit novels 50 times over and it's still fun. 
I have a hard time rereading series or any high-concept book, usually. With chick-lit, that never happens.

4) There are endless possibilities!
It's weird, but honestly I don't think there are any chick-lit tropes that I'm tired of reading about. In fact, a lot of my favorites like REMEMBER ME? and LIFE AS I KNOW IT have a similar premise. I could read 20 of those and still be happy about it.

5) It's addicting.
When I first discovered Sophie Kinsella I was so absolutely obsessed with her, that I bought about 4 of her books. If you read one, you can't just stop at that.

6) Sweet blend between romance and humor
I just love that, some people are really into romance novels, but I've never been one of those people. I like side plots, I like humor, I like intrigues. And all that is what you get with chick-lit.

7) The fact that it's still used derogatorily and considered inferior to other genres.
It's ridiculous, but everything that's considered Women's Fiction isn't as critically acclaimed and considered on the same level as Literary Fiction written by men for example. Just this mere fact makes me want to single-handedly buy enough chick-lit books to land all my favorite authors on the New York Times bestselling list.

What do you think about chick-lit?

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