Sunday, February 19, 2017

No More Free Diversity Education On This Blog | Blog News

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Because of repeated harassment and lack of allyship, both on my social media and my blog, I have decided to no longer provide free education in terms of diversity in fiction. 

I have about six posts left in my queue that I will still publish because it would be a waste of my time and energy not to. But not right now. I am pushing them to the end of my queue to be published godknowswhenever because I frankly do not think that this community has earned free education. I don't think allies have. 

I do not intend to write any more free posts to help allies understand. 

I do not intend to make any educational posts anywhere besides maybe twitter and Patreon, because these communities are the only ones that have shown me even just a little bit of allyship. 

I have received nothing but hatred and harassment for my educational posts and allies continue not to show up for me, despite me voicing my pain. I can deal with harassment. But I cannot deal with performative allyship and people ignoring me when I say I need you to be an ally right now.

My educational content will be exclusively on Patreon now and all educational posts I have made on this blog have been removed. 

This is what happens when allies don't show up.

I will still review problematic books, because I can't not do it. I don't understand how you cannot speak up. But I won't make any free posts to help you understand anymore. You'll have to fend for yourself now and google the educational posts yourself.

I'm not sorry. I'm disappointed in this community.

It'll take a miracle for me to change my mind. Support educators and black women online if you want me to change my mind. This is not about me. This is about the lack of allyship towards all marginalized people, especially black women. 

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