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Saturday, March 28, 2015

5 Pieces of Book Blogging Advice (Bloggiesta #2)

If you're fairly new to blogging, you've probably faced a lot of challenges and have had to make a lot of hard decisions already. What helped me a lot is to check other bloggers' sites for advice, because in 99% of the cases- they're right. Here are some pieces of advice from a 6-month+-long blogger:

  • Do It for the Right Reasons

Blogging is time-consuming, frustrating and in most of the times it doesn't end in success. If you're looking to become a blogger or are already blogging on your own site, be aware that blogging may be a hobby, but it may also take up a lot of your time. I know some people who solely blog in hopes of getting free books from publishers. If you're only there to grab some books, you won't last long, because you'll notice that blogging is indeed hard work.

  • Constantly Rework Your Old Posts

You may think at first that nobody will read your old posts anyway, right? Especially when you've been blogging for a few months and have been noticing a huge improvement in both traffic on your site and your content, you're going to think that people will only care about your new stuff.

WRONG! You won't only get traffic from links you posted a week ago. Eventually, people will start finding your old posts and even commenting on them. Make sure to rework your old content in both language and design so you won't shoo away any possible readers with your bad quality early blogging days!
(I'm still working on that one myself, but I'll get there...)

  • There's No Such Thing as Instant Success, So Don't Sweat it

Hey, I'm a small blog and there's nothing wrong with that. If you're blogging for the right reasons and doing it only for yourself, it won't matter whether you have 10 followers or 1000. Of course it's nice to have a huge following, but in the end it doesn't matter. It takes time to build a following and if you're patient and constantly striving to be the best you can possibly be, it won't matter how many people read your blog.


I don't know how many times I've said it- just respond for the love of God! You want your readers to comment on your blog, right? You're maybe even saying things like "even just saying hi is already enough" above your comment form. But then you don't even reply when people do exactly that.

Come on, if someone takes time out of their day to make you smile, it's only decent to respond to their comment. And if the person commenting on your blog is a blogger as well, it's a nice cherry on top if you go to their blog and comment on one of their posts. That's an easy way to make friends by the way!

  • Organize Your Blog!

While taste may vary, I think we can all agree that themes play a tremendous role in whether you want to continue reading a blog or just click on to the next one. Don't use weird fonts and bright colors, it has to be readable. I don't want my visit on your blog to feel like a slap to the face with widgets, moving pictures and glitter fonts.

You have to have the essentials down: People have to be able to find your reviews, your blog archive and your about page. That's the minimum. Don't use busy background images and please don't use white text on a black background. You want people to read your blog, right? Make it readable.

Do you have some pieces of advice for new bloggers?

What do you think about my advice?

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