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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Meet My Book Boyfriends feat. The Seafarer's Kiss, Starflight & more

Meet the reason why I stuck with most of these book series. 

Sometimes cute boys are 100% a reason to keep on reading and swooning!

Magnus from BOYS THAT BITE by Mari Mancusi
One of my first book boyfriends ever! Magnus is the most awkward vampire you'd ever meet and I love him to death. He's so weird.

This series is awfully underrated in general, if you like humor and vampires, this is such a fabulous pick.

Lieutenant Paul Markov from A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU by Claudia Gray
If you know me, you know that he's e v e r y t h i n g.

Lieutenant Paul is the shy royal guard of Duchess Marguerite in the Russia!verse and I love him more than anything in the world. Cute boys who love science are the best. Don't let this pretty white boy fancast fool you into thinking this is a book you should pick up though, make sure to read my linked review because this book features dubious consent.

Pyotr from VINEGAR GIRL by Anne Tyler
Another Eastern European scientist for the win! Pyotr is a sassy little dork. He's hilarious, with a smokin' bod and sometimes a little shy. I love him.

Dimitri Belikov from VAMPIRE ACADEMY by Richelle Mead
By now you've probably noticed that I tend to have a type.

Dorky Eastern European dudes are always at risk of joining this list. Dimitri is one half of the biggest OTP I have - him and Rose make the perfect badass fighting vampire couple and calm
and collected Dimitri is the perfect match for hot-headed Rose.

Doran Spaulding from STARFLIGHT by Melissa Landers
This one's a first. I usually don't like the rich arrogant billionaire type but something about dear old Doran really got me. I'll tell you once I manage to pinpoint it.

Havamal from THE SEAFARER'S KISS by Julia Ember
I'm actually so embarrassed by this because the book has a sapphic main couple. And of course, problematic me is swooning all over the dude. Havamal is an aspiring king's guard and an absolutely ripped merman with a heart of gold. I mean, come on. How was I supposed to resist. Christ.

Who are your book boyfriends?

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

10 Things that Make Bookworms Happy

There are many bookish delights in the world, but today I'll only showcase ten of them for you for Top Ten Tuesday.

#10: Owning a complete series with matching covers
I only have one set of matching cover books and it's so close to my heart. It's so beautiful.

#9: Watching the movie after you read the book
I'm one of those super impatient people that very likely will watch the movie beforehand when it's 100% something I NEED to see. But when I manage to get it together and read the book first, it's almost always magical to see the movie.

#8: That feeling when you look up and notice you've been reading all day
Remember those books that immerse you so complete in their world that everything outside of it, in the real world, doesn't matter anymore? I wish I'd encounter one of those again.

#7: Discovering bookish SWAG where you least expect it
You're just minding your business and trying to do some shopping when you casually encounter book-inspired clothes or jewelry. Makes my day every time!

#6: When a recommendation hits home
I am so humbled when people ask for my opinion, even more so when they actually end up liking the book I urged them to read! Success!

#5: Loving the first book in a series and realizing all sequels are already published
It's such a wonderful feeling to not have to wait to read a series.

#4: Book Sales
Can anyone of us ever walk past a book sale?

#3: Discovering a new favorite author!
There is nothing more pure than reading multiple books by the same person and loving them all.

#2: Book mail
I love, love, love getting books in the mail The anticipation before opening the package, looking at a new book for the first time - it's fantastic!

#1: The smell of a new book
Nothing can trump this. Honestly, this is the most beautiful smell in the world.

Which bookish delights do you enjoy?

Leave the link to your post in the comments if you like!
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