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Monday, July 24, 2017

The Magic of the Buffer Contemporary Read: Learn About my Blogging Success Secret | Book Blogging Tips (#65)

Today I'll introduce you to one of the most important lessons I have learned in my blogging career. 

Maybe you've notice that I read a lot of contemporary, but not necessarily because I love the genre so much. They're buffer reads. 

What are you talking about?

I'm one of those people that can easily read too many high-concept reads. I love fantasy books with imaginative extensive world building and I love genre fiction in general - I love dystopian, paranormal, sci-fi - all of them, please. But sometimes, when you're reading a book with a really complicated world, it can overwhelm you. 

  • Sometimes that happens while reading when you just get fed up with the world and need to pause for a couple of times. 
  • Sometimes that happens after reading when you enter a massive reading slump after you try to pick up similar novels. And that's where my magic trick comes in. 

Here's the trick:

I read a YA contemporary without any magical elements every time I finish a high-concept book.

It works like magic, usually I even read them as companions. If you're a person who loves to read many books at once like me, make sure there's a contemporary in there because you're going to need it. Whenever you're stuck with your high fantasy book for example, pop in and read a couple of pages of the contemporary. Something light set in the real world always always goes a long way to cure me from those temporary reading blocks or slumps that I'm sure you all are familiar with.

You need to stock up on those. Get yourself a lot of contemporary reads that you can read on the side while you're ploughing through something really dry and/or high-concept books. It prevents slumps, demotivation, and wanting to DNF. I hardly ever DNF anymore since I started using this technique and it absolutely saved me from the worst of all reading slumps multiple times. There's just something about a light contemporary that really enables you to go back to that high-concept read with more motivation.

Some specific tips: If you're not a YA Contemporary person, try Chick-Lit. Usually they're really light romance-centric or even just humor-centric books that will make your forget about eeeeeverrything around you and do the job perfectly. I've already exhausted by go-to reading slump curing books by Sophie Kinsella, so I usually go for anything YA that looks fluffy. Books by Jennifer E. Smith are excellent to use as buffer reads, too, by the way.

What are your blogging success secrets?

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Saturday, November 5, 2016

8 Tips to Get Motivated to Write Blog Posts | Book Blogging Tips (#45)

We all love blogging, don't we? 

As much as we do, sometimes it's hard to get motivated, to keep writing, to even gather enough motivation to click on "write a new post". 

I'll try to help you with that. 

#8 Look at your favorite bloggers that you look up to

You want to be like them, don't you? You aren't ever going to be like them if you don't write those posts! Envy is the biggest motivator. Trust me.

#7 Binge-writing and Scheduling: the OTP

You don't need motivation when you just live for those little moments when blog inspiration seems to come to you on its own. Use those moments up and binge write every idea you have at once and then slack for the rest of the month!

#6 Try something different.

Chances are you're probably not motivated because you're not ~feeling like~ writing a review, a discussion, a meme post, or whatever you're used to writing all the time. Personal posts are a great way to get motivated and to bring fresh content into your blog. What are you passionate about right now? A TV show? Your celebrity crush? Write about that. 

#5 Do something else blog-related

Not feeling like writing a blog post yourself? Comment on other blogs, design something, read a book - eventually you'll very likely randomly get inspired and will want to write a post. 


Not feeling like writing a post - write a post about how much you don't want to write a post! Ranting in general is so much easier than putting together a well-structured and well-thought out blog post or review. Just rant away, let your anger flow, my buddy!

#3 Set goals and reward yourself
If you like playing video games or writing or whatever you do in your free time - only allow yourself to indulge in your favorite hobby once you've written a post. Half a post, if the motivation really is extremely low. Sometimes you gotta force yourself. You'll be surprised what you can accomplish if you really want to continue watching your favorite show or playing your favorite game.

#2 Brainstorm

It's perfectly fine if you don't want to actually write, but that doesn't mean that you'll necessarily also not have any ideas. Write down the titles of the blog posts you WOULD write if you wanted to actually write. Make a document on your computer with those titles and whenever you're in a motivation slump, read through those titles. The more ideas you've collected the more likely it is that you might fancy writing one of those posts!

#1 Remind yourself why you started your blog. And then do exactly that.
  • Did you come for the reviews? Then go review a book or read somebody else's review.
  • Did you come for the social interaction? Go comment on other blogs.
  • Did you come for the discussion? Participate in a discussion on another blog or write your own.


Being in a blogging/motivation slump isn't the end of your blog. If you really need to and none of these tips help, go on a hiatus, if you like. The blogging world will still be back when you return and welcome you with open arms. 

How do you get out of motivation slumps?

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

5 Ways to Get Out of A Reading Slump | Book Blogging Tips (#2)

I guess we've all been there and we've all hated that we couldn't just shake it off. I collected various pieces of advice and

made a little list of things you can do to help getting out of reading slumps.

What's a Reading Slump?

Having a reading slump means temporarily having no motivation and desire to read.

How Do I Get a Reading Slump?

There are many ways that you can get a reading slump. Sometimes it's not only one factor, but a combination of the things listed below. Sometimes it's something entirely different. 

  • You've read a new favorite book and think that NOTHING could ever live up to that novel, so you don't even want to try
  • You've read a bunch of terrible books after another and you really don't have any motivation to try another book, because you fear it might be equally as bad
  • You're suffering from a major book hangover! You're still mentally attached to the characters and the world building of the last novel you read and don't want to read about something else
  • You've read too many books in the same genre and are generally just tired of repetitive concepts
  • You're just not feeling like reading for no specific reason

So How Do I Get Rid of It?

This is my approach. You have to consider that depending on what caused the slump, you have to pick a different way to get rid of it. Sometimes you even need to do all five to get back on a reading high.

1. Reread old favorites: Make sure to pick a book that you absolutely love and ideally already have read multiple times. 

2. Look for books by your go-to authors: I have about five authors that are guaranteed to write books that I'll love. There's nothing you need more than a good book when you're in a slump!

3. Try a quick read: The most important thing is to READ if you want to get out of a slump. Big books don't really appeal to me when I have no motivation to read, so I usually go for a quick and thin book.

4. Change the genre: I tend to get stuck in slumps after reading many books of the same genre. Go for a different direction this time.

5. Try Something Out of Your Comfort Zone: You'd be surprised by how well this works. Read something you usually wouldn't go for - who knows, maybe it'll become your new favorite type of book!

Do You Have Any Tips On How To Get Out of A Reading Slump?

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