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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

7 Popular Authors That I Just Can't Get Into

Everybody's tastes are different, and my particular taste doesn't always seem to correspond with the general public.

Here are seven very popular authors whose books I just can't get into.
7. J. Lynn / Jennifer L. Armentrout
I really love her Lux series, but any and every book by her that I've read after that disappointed me massively. I'm so sad about this, especially her NA books under the pseudonym J.Lynn are so incredibly popular and it would've been so nice if I had liked them. 

6. Maggie Stiefvater

I stand by saying that I think she's a terrific writer. But really, the writing is just too poetic, too dreamy, too otherworldly to keep my attention for more than 3 seconds.

5. George R.R. Martin
I read the first two ASOIAF books and it's just all too lengthy and political for me. High fantasy is usually a hit or miss thing for me and I am very picky about this, so it's not surprising.

4. Stephen King
Honestly, judging by the fact that everyone calls him the king of horror, I wasn't even scared once. Maybe I just picked the wrong books. I've read FIRESTARTER, CARRIE, IT, and NIGHTMARES & DREAMSCAPES. I wish he could scare me. I love a good horror novel.

3. Sarah Dessen
I keep trying and trying and every time I finish a book by her I think to myself that I would've been better off had I read her books in 2007, back when everyone did and loved them. It's just not for me. I'll still keep trying with her newer works, I think.

2. Rainbow Rowell
I read nearly every books she's ever published aside from ATTACHMENTS and ELEANOR & PARK. I honestly, truly want to like her books but the only one I found mediocre was FANGIRL. I keep wondering what's wrong with me.

1. Cassandra Clare
I've read the first four The Mortal Instruments books, more out of morbid curiosity than actual interest. No matter how hard I try and really want to like them, I guess her books will never be for me. It's sad because there are SOOO many books in this series.

Which popular authors can't you get into?

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

[Review] Nightmares & Dreamscapes (#1) - Stephen King: 90% filler and Eerie Conclusions. You call that horror?

This is a short story collection full of supposedly scary short story tales.

What intrigued me: I haven't read a book by Stephen King before and I'm in a massive reading slump, so reading a scary short story collection seems like a good idea!

Not scary, not even remotely horror!

My favorite thing about this is probably the foreword. The stories weren't what I expected them to be. I was hoping for a lot of scary reads, but this is just a random collection of mediocre short stories.

His ideas are very unique, inspiring, and interesting, but in no way what the title NIGHTMARES & DREAMSCAPES suggests. You aren't going to find anything remotely creepy in here, most are just tales about weird people with weird goals, but scary and nightmare-ish is a completely different thing. As it is I was somewhat entertained, but this is just not what the short story collection is advertised as and it's very disappointing, especially because this is my first Stephen King read.

However, I do enjoy King's writing style to some extent. It's easy and quick to read, but I think he overdoes it with the character building. That's also why most of his stories have very weak and slow beginnings that make you want to quit before you've actually gotten to the story. Especially for short stories, you don't need to know about the protagonist's parents and grandparents, or any other specific character building element. I was hoping for the stories to terrify me from beginning to the end but most stories can only deliver a small somewhat eerie conclusion and are 90% filler.

Individual stories & ratings

  • 1. Dolan's Cadillac ★☆☆☆☆

Plot: A widower is trying to murder the guy who's responsible for his wife's death by digging a hole and burying him and his expensive car alive.
Opinion: Not scary, just insanely boring. and long-winded. I could hardly finish this.

  • 2. The End of the Whole Mess ★★★★★

Plot: A brilliant prodigy finds a way to cure humanity from its original sin. But for a price.
Opinion: I loved this so much, it's so interesting to see how the mind of a highly intelligent character works. I would love a full-length novel about this. Some continuity issues and an unsatisfying ending, but overall SUPER interesting. Again, not scary though.

  • 3. Suffer the Little Children ★★★☆☆

Plot: Mean teacher is the only one that realizes all children in her school are possessed by monsters.
Opinion: Another boring one. The premise is very interesting, but it's not very scary and too much is left open. 

  • 4. The Night Flier ☆☆☆☆☆

Plot: Reporter seeks out someone whom he believes to be a serial killer that thinks they're a vampire, but the guy actually turns out to be a vampire.
Opinion: Horrible. Such a slow beginning, so much unnecessary monologues and backstory, and a very, very disappointing creature that isn't scary in the least. A very long story that feels like I 100% wasted my time even bothering with this one.

  • 5. Popsy ★★★★☆

Plot: A gambling-addict-turned-child-abductor abducts a monster spawn.
Opinion: I loved this. Less annoying backstory as in the previous stories and a convincing monster story, that I really, really liked. Not as scary as I wanted it to be, but another candidate that I'd like a full-length novel of.

  • 6. It Grows on You ☆☆☆☆☆

Plot: A mysterious house keeps on growing and adding new wings even long after its owner died.
Opinion: The worst case of please show instead of tell I've ever witnessed. So much backstory oh my god. Seems very pointless to me.

  • 7. Chattery Teeth ★★★★☆

Plot: A man picks up an evil hitchhiker and gets saved by a joke item.
Opinion: Interesting and a little eerie. Though too much gore for my taste. 

  • 8. Dedication ★★☆☆☆

Plot: A maid consumes eats her boss' semen to work a magic spell so her child would grow up to be as talented as him
Opinion: The main flaw of the story is that it's told in retrospective. It's also really weird.

  • 9. The Moving Finger ★★★☆☆

Plot: There is a moving finger perking out of someone's drain and they really don't like it.
Opinion: Super weird. I don't know if I thought it was scary, more bloody, actually. It was okay, but I missed the ~logical explanation~ part.

  • 10. Sneakers ★★☆☆☆

Plot: The ghost of a murdered man comes back to sit on a toilet and wear dirty sneakers.
Opinion: Not a fan of public restroom horror or whatever this is. I was glad to have at least one ghost story in this though.

  • 11. You Know They Got a Hell of a Band ★☆☆☆☆

Plot: A couple on a road trip encounters a town full of dead musicians.
Opinion: Too much gore for me and a very weak premise.

  • 12. Home Delivery ★☆☆☆☆

Plot: An old-fashioned zombie outbreak story.
Opinion: Nothing special, very boring!

Overall Rating:



Overall: Do I Recommend?

Not as your first King read. I was disappointed because I was looking for something super scary. It's an okay short story collection, but the title is very misleading.

Additional Info

Published: June 30th 2009
Pages: 897 (1+2)
Publisher: Pocket Books
Genre: Adult / Horror
ISBN:  9781439102565

"A collection of short stories, several being published for the first time, offers a spine-tingling journey to the nightmare world created by a master of sheer terror and grotesque imagination."
(Source: Goodreads)

Can you recommend some good scary reads?

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Monday, October 13, 2014

October Reading Queue: Stephen King, Percy Jackson and A Hell Lot of Meg Cabot

Reading Queue is a monthly meme, posted at the beginning of each month, where you share what books you plan to read for the month.

Dear Lord. My Reading Queue isn't even funny anymore. I have recently even bought a new shelf only for my TBR books and I think this is it. I have hit rock bottom. I know that there are a lot of people that have TBR piles three and four times the size of mine but for me, this is massive. I mean, look:

Here we have the aftermath of the Book Fair in my city and my local bookstore doing a 1,99 each thing.
  • "Wake" by Amanda Hocking is something that I've been eyeing for ages, but not this one. I've been eyeing the Trylle Trilogy and I just read Amanda Hocking so I was like: yup.  (Review)
  • "The Winter People" by Jennifer McMahon sounds spooky and weird, so I decided to get it. Of course I needed to get it, it's been ages since I last read a spooky novel about dead things. (Review)
  • "Throne of Glass" by Sara J. Maas is actually an Amazon Purchase which I got bullied into buying by a particular Canadian Ginger friend. I'm not even mad, it sounds amazing.
  • The Hunter by L.J. Smith was a no-brainer, I had to get it. I don't even know what it's about but I have read about 6 or 7 of the Vampire Diaries Novels and I just love her writings. I had to. Not sorry. (Review)
  • Ruby Red  by Kerstin Gier isn't really something I would've bought hadn't it only costed 1,99. She's from my country, it's about time travel and there's a movie about it so I just shrugged my way through that one. (Review)
  • I already tried to read "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn and wasn't really into the whole thriller-thing so I put it back on my TBR. I'm going to read it eventually, but not right now. Not feeling the thriller vibe.
  • "Numbers" by Rachel Ward. Haha, I have no idea why I bought this. I think it's about someone being able to see when in the future somebody that's talking to him is going to be dying. Does that make sense? Sounded good in my head. Anyways, I'm a sucker for these kind of things. Loved the movie TiMER, so I had to. (Review)
  • I haven't even read the blurbs for "Abandon" by Meg Cabot and "Insatiable" also by her. I love the Princess Mia Series, so I went for it. I use that excuse a lot apparently. Ugh. (Review: Abandon, Insatiable)
  • The last two (for this picture ahahahhaah) are the Third and Fourth Percy Jackson Novels by Rick Riordan in hardback. Swoons! Can you believe that I paid $8 for them? For both! I'm going to start crying.

Here we have some things that I already showed you guys in my August Haul. Yup, I shamelessly read other stuff first. 

  • One of my new additions to my TBR shelf is "Second Glance" by Jodi Picoult (Review) which I am very excited about because I haven't read anything by her yet, which is a goddamn shame. I'm probably going to read this next after I finished "Monster" by A.Lee Martinez which I am actually SUPPOSED to be reading right now, but Lux #4 is kind of claiming all my attention and I have another ARC queue'd as well. 
  • "Firestarter" by Stephen King is my first date with him and I have such high expectations, it is doomed to be disappointing if you ask me.
  • "Starter for Ten" is by David Nicholls and I just had to because everyone is all over David Nicholls, and I want to be, too. (Review)
  • "Be Careful What You Wish For" by Alexandra Potter is such a predictable purchase because I am all over dying-wish/childhood-wishlist books, I have at least ten of them. (Review)
  • The last one is the first Vampire Academy Novel by Richelle Mead and I am so ready for this! Nobody has ever been more ready in the history of mankind. I'm probably going to hoard a lot more sequels before I start this series because I just KNOW I am going to love it. After I saw the movie I fell basically head first into Rose/Dimitri and I have zero shame. Bring it on! (Review)

   Have you guys read some of these and were they 
good or bad? 

What should I read next?
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