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Monday, April 25, 2016

[Review] Forewarned (The Near Deaths #2) - Holly M. Campbell: Serial Killers and Psychics

In FOREWARNED, mind reader Hope and her death-seeing boyfriend Lance are on the hunt for the kidnapper that tried to abduct Hope and her friend Claire in FORESHADOWED.

What intrigued me: I liked the first book!

The serial killer is back

The first book initially left me a bit disappointed that the kidnapping storyline isn't completely resolved but picked up again in the second novel. What could have possibly ended in a dragged out disaster actually proved to be a smart decision. 

Where FORESHADOWED still introduced characters, FOREWARNED absolutely compliments the series by concentrating more on the action. I grew very attached to all the characters and am an absolute fan of the protagonist Hope. 

Her narration is so essentially teen and relatable that it's just fun to read her story. The mind-reading part that I initially was very skeptical of, because it's hardly done well, became one of my favorite things about this series. Campbell flawlessly manages to capture the thoughts of her characters.

Fantastic ending ... where's the sequel?!

FOREWARNED is a typical transition novel and it shows in the plot. Because of Campbell's light and easy writing style it doesn't quite bother me as much, but I really would have loved for things to get ugly in this one. FORESHADOWED hints at all the action and I was really hoping to see the showdown in this novel or at least get a little bit more information of the killer that would make it easier to pinpoint who he exactly is. Well, in the end I did like the sequel than the first, which is mostly because of the great ending that had me longing for more. 

In both FORESHADOWED and FOREWARNED, the last thirty pages were by far my favorite part of the books. Campbell is exceptionally talented at fast-pace narration, building up tension within a couple of pages, and really, deeply making me worry for her characters' fate. FOREWARNED yet again surprised me with a devastating and fantastic ending, and made me want to immediately continue the story and read the sequel. 

Full of surprises, relatable and thought-provoking, FOREWARNED is truly a reading pleasure!




Overall: Do I Recommend?

I liked FOREWARNED better than the first and am very much looking forward to continuing the series and I would absolutely recommend it!

Additional Info

Published: April 26th 2016
Pages: 398
Publisher: 48Fourteen
Genre: YA / Thriller

"Death is not finished with her…

With a little help from her death-seeing boyfriend, Lance Hampton, Hope Murdoch has already defeated fate once. Doing it again—and stopping a serial killer in the making—shouldn’t be too hard…except she hasn’t healed from her last brush with the psychopath, Lance is struggling with his personal demons, and she’s grounded. Tracking down a murderer is not easy when you’re basically under house arrest.

Yet, the seventeen-year-old mind reader isn’t about to let those trifling obstacles slow her down. So what if she has to lie to her parents and sneak out of the house to catch him? She is not the only one in danger.

Once again, Hope is faced with the burden of choosing between saving her own life and the victims starring in Lance’s visions. Getting past her parents’ house alarm is a walk in the dark compared with trying to get a murderer behind bars…or in the ground. With only a few clues to piece together, every path looks like a dead end—literally. 

This time, the cost of changing her future may be too much to bear."(Source: Goodreads)

Do you like books about mind readers?

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

[Review] Foreshadowed (The Near Deaths #1) - Holly M. Campbell: Mind Reading and Boy Trouble

In FORESHADOWED, Hope has the ability to read minds. When she meets Lance, who sees the way people will die when he looks at them, and learns of her own death, she's determined to stop it before it happens.

What intrigued me: I was in the mood for some good old paranormal romance!

I approve of the characters!

FORESHADOWED sounds like your average girl meets mysterious boy and they fall in love story. I was expecting a cheesy romance, but was surprised to find a somewhat different approach. 

The heroine Hope is a wonderful main character and very fun to read about. She's sassy, she's witty, and she's actually funny. I especially enjoyed the banter between her and her next-door-neighbor and crush Bryce. He's such a fantastically funny douchebag that you can't help but love him. I love their relationship and I absolutely adore accurate portrayals of unrequited love.

I think having Bryce and Lance, the token mysterious new guy, in this love triangle actually works. Even though I would argue that Hope should choose neither.

Not a Paranormal Romance

I also love how Campbell introduces us into Hope's world directly and we get to actually experience what her mind reading ability is like with little cursive inserts of the thoughts of the people surrounding her. This is undoubtedly very well done and probably the only time that I've seen mind reading done well without it seeming ridiculous.

However, there isn't really much more to FORESHADOWED than being a story about a girl who reads minds. She does meet Lance, a boy with the ability to see death dates, but I was hoping for more world building. Most of the novel takes place at school, in very mundane scenes and to me it was absolutely lacking the certain spark, the magic. It reminds me a little of NUMBERS by Rachel Ward.

The problem isn't really with the novel itself, but with the premise. Everything about the setup suggests a love triangle paranormal romance, when in reality it actually is a thriller involving murder and crime. FORESHADOWED doesn't let you know that it's not a sweet, cheesy romance until 75% in, which frustrated me a little. I did enjoy the novel overall, once I got into the story - I was invested. 




Overall: Do I Recommend?

The writing is nice and clean and Hope is such a sympathetic character that I think I can't tell you not to read this.

Additional Info

Published: December 29th 2014
Pages: 314
Publisher: 48Fourteen
Genre: YA / Thriller
ISBN: 9781937546380

"Hope Murdoch was born dead. The doctor brought her back, and now she’s an almost-normal sixteen-year-old. Normal: a hopeless crush on the boy next door, a negative body image, and a (mis)diagnosis of ADHD. Not-so-normal: an exhausting and distracting ability to read minds. And high school is hard enough without hearing what everyone really thinks of you.

Lance Hampton used to be normal until a car accident killed him and his parents. Paramedics brought him back to a life he doesn’t want: orphaned, uprooted and living with his uncle, and suddenly able to see how people die. At his new school, he tries to keep to himself. Seeing how complete strangers die is torture enough, let alone friends.

At first glance, Hope doesn’t think much of Lance (though a lot of the other girls do). He looks like the typical bad boy. No thank-you … but then she meets his eyes and everything goes dark. She hears labored breathing. Rapid footsteps. And then a thud as someone falls to the ground. Inside Lance’s head, Hope just witnessed a vision of murder … her own.

Together Hope and Lance try to catch a killer before he’s red-handed. A killer who could be anywhere. Anyone. Sure Hope can read minds and Lance can see death, but they still can’t see in the dark.(Source: Goodreads)
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