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Thursday, September 3, 2015

[Interview] Lauren James On Her Debut YA Novel "The Next Together"

I had the pleasure to interview Lauren James, the author of "The Next Together", a clever reincarnation time travel romance. The novel is released today!

Quick Synopsis from my review:
"In "The Next Together" by Lauren James teenagers Katherine and Matthew are reborn again throughout different centuries. They always find each other and they always end up falling in love.

When the Katherine of 2039 stumbles upon a news article from 2019 which shows an exact doppelgänger couple of her and her lab partner Matthew who even have their exact names, she starts investigating."


The main characters Katherine and Matthew have quite the unusual job. What made you want to write about scientists? 

Lauren James: "I studied Chemistry and Physics at university, and it always really annoyed me to see scientists portrayed as multi-talented anti-social geniuses in films and TV shows - because we definitely are not! 
I thought this portrayal was really damaging, because it would make teenagers think they weren't clever enough to go into science - when they are. 

You don't have to be a genius to study science, and you don't need to be amazing at every area of science. I wanted to write characters who showed that - that scientists are just normal people, who maybe happen to study biology too." 

Do you have a fan cast for your characters?

Lauren James: "I do! Here are my mental images of the characters. Matt is a mix of Ben Whishaw and Hugh Dancy, and Kate is Jessica Chastain." 

The plot of "The Next Together" is spread out through different time lines. What time line is your favorite and why?

Lauren James: "I love them all a lot, but I do have a soft spot for the 1745 time landscape. I really love my regency romances and I think this storyline has the most of that! 

I do love the boat journey at the start of the 1854 storyline too. And everyone says the 2019 extracts are their favourite. Oh, it's too hard to choose! I love all of them!" 

How long did it take you to write TNT?

Lauren James: "The first draft of TNT was the first novel I ever wrote, and it took me four or five months to write. I finished it when I was nineteen, and I got a book deal when I was twenty-one. The editing took a lot longer than the writing!" 

Will some characters from TNT return in the sequel?

Lauren James: "Almost all of the characters will be in the sequel "The Last Beginning". You'll get to see more of Kate and Matt's story, but I'm also very excited about introducing you to some newbies too!"

The Next Together

Release Date: 3rd September

Publisher: Walker Books
Pages: 356
ISBN: 9781406358056

Lauren James 

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Have you read "The Next Together" or are you planning to?

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