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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

5 Toxic Tropes to Include To Make Me Dislike Your YA Book Instantly | YA Talk

Sometimes I feel like tropes are being reused all the time in YA. 

Usually, I don't have a problem with that, but when it's the same five tropes over and over again in every single book I read, I simply don't want to continue.

But sometimes it's not about repetitiveness It's about being irresponsible. There are some things I would never want young teens to read about. 

Here are 5 things that make me dislike an author and their book instantly: 

5. Unhealthy Co-Dependency
While I do like a good epic romance, I am absolutely not a fan of books that make it seem like it's impossible to continue your normal life when your boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with you. This makes me give you the side eye and I certainly will knock off a star or two off the rating for that.

4. Romanticizing Illness
I will never understand why there are certain illnesses that seem to be romanticized more than others. Schizophrenia, bipolarity, AHDH not so much, but depression and anorexia? What makes this romantic? What's desirable about being sick? 

I think one of the best examples is what happened to THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. I don't necessarily think that John Green is the kind of person who would even try to romanticize mental illness, but his fandom sure is. I've seen people tweet things like they wished their boyfriend and them had cancer so they could be cute like Augustus and Hazel. This is why this list of tropes is important to internalize and avoid. If you're a writer, please take this to heart.

3. Curing Mental Illness Through Falling in Love
This isn't a thing. I don't want anyone to think that this is a thing.

2. Slut-Shaming
NO! This will make me quit a book and write a scalding review. I never write mean reviews to deliberately make the author feel bad but things like this aren't okay. Simply because they teach a younger audience values that shouldn't exist in our society anymore. I will actually tell people not to read a book if I encounter this in a novel and with immediate effect never read something by the author ever again.

1. The Special Snowflake Girl who isn't Like Other Girls
I can't hear "she wasn't like other girls" anymore. There's nothing wrong with being ordinary. There's nothing wrong with being different either. I don't mind if you've got a protagonist like that but when said protagonist starts talking down other girls and feeling superior, I'm out.

Which tropes are deal breakers to you?

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

8 Most Hated Young Adult Plot Tropes

I do love my YA books, but unfortunately, with the genre becoming more and more popular, the tropes are starting to repeat and I keep seeing the same thing over and over again.

Here are 10 Plot Tropes that I don't want to see anywhere ever.

1) Childhood Friend and Mysterious Guy HATE each other

Whether it's a love triangle or not, can we not do this. Can we just once have the childhood friend befriend the mysterious guy? What about a bromance?

2) Protagonist becomes the leader of the rebellion

It's so overdone, I don't even...why would you follow a teenager into rebellion. A teenager that probably is also very new at all of this because they just got thrown into this in the beginning of the book. Common sense, anyone?

3) The hot villain is just misunderstood... while his dad/friend/colleagues who do the exact same thing are plain evil

WHY is it ALWAYS that the attractive young people all are in the morally gray area? Right, love triangle. Moving on.

4) The presumably dead parent.... is not dead

I think this has been overdone since Star Wars. Can we just not

5) "I am so ordinary... ""NO YOU ARE NOT!!!"

I just want a human protagonist. Is this too much to ask. Why does every protagonist that gets caught up in a supernatural world also have to be special?

6) Childhood friend is in love with the heroine

That never happens. It never does in real life.

7) "Our love could sink a thousand ships"

I mean while there is nothing wrong with being poetic about loving somebody, often these people
a) have known each other for a week
It's always about the most creative way to express affection, but if you went ahead and asked them to name 3 of the other person's hobbies, they'd be clueless. More friendship, less metaphorical declaration of love.

8) There are three teenage major characters in the book. Of course they all fall in love with someone at the same time.

I don't like this. I'll never like this. Falling in love during high school isn't something that regularly happens. Infatuation, yes, but love is hardly ever a thing, and especially not the kind of love described in 7). Could just one of them stay awkwardly single until the end of the series, please?

What are some tropes that annoy you?

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Annoying YA Tropes That Make Me Want to Cry / Claw My Eyes Out | YA Talk

!!!This is highly sarcastic. If need be, try to fight me on my points. Doesn't make any them less valid, though.!!!

No.7: No means yes: If I tell you to go away that absolutely means "Kiss me and I won't be mad anymore"
If a girl/boy tells you to leave them alone and never speak to them again, don't show up at their house later that day blasting music from a boombox you're not in a goddamn John Hughes movie okay
If only half of the YA love interests did that, we'd have a surprising amount of books that were only 50 pages long.

I don't know why there seems to be this general impression that co-dependency is romantic... I don't get it, does somebody want to explain? Emotional manipulation isn't cool either.

No.5: I'm not human.... I'm half human, half wizard/fae/loch ness monster
I can't. I just can't deal with this anymore.
Rule of thumb: If you already have a supernatural love interest, don't try to make the other person a supernatural whatever, too.

No.4: "The minute I saw her, I knew we were meant to be"
...totally not because she's smoking hot. I mean, I instantly fell in love with her personality. Like, before we even talked. I could smell her personality.

No.3: The dark broody, smoking, leather-jacket-wearing, too-smart-for-school love interest who writes poetry in his free time and skips class, but is still an A student
You'd think a highly specific trope like that wouldn't be so common. Actually, this is probably one of the maybe five love interests you'll find in popular YA. It's not YA if the love interest isn't a sarcastic dark haired dude with stunning blue eyes the color of the sky at precisely 3pm, am I right?

No.2: Eye colors more important than personality
Who needs a personality when your boyfriend has sparkling sapphire green eyes. Seriously, sometimes I forget people don't only consist of hair and eye colors, do we even have faces? Doesn't seem that important.

No.1: Teenagers reading Charles Bukowksi / T.S. Eliot / Jack Kerouac 
Has anyone ever been a teenager? Nobody enjoys assigned reading. Nobody reads stuff like that in their free time?!! Come on?!!! What are the odds of the two starcrossed lovers to both share an obsession with The Catcher in the Rye? Just don't. Two people who are madly obsessed with some obscure indie band? Okay, that I'll buy, but not J.D. Salinger. 

What are some YA tropes that make you want to leave this planet?

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